Managing Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education with Strategic Planning Online

Strategic Planning Online is a cloud based software solution that is specifically designed to help higher education institutions manage the key aspects of institutional effectiveness and demonstrate compliance with best practices during the accreditation review process. SPOL combines the key elements of strategic planning, budgeting, assessment, program review, credentialing, and accreditation to offer a unified collaborative environment for holistic continuous improvement, providing a framework to support the core requirements associated with accreditation standards and other regulations.

Manage key aspects of institutional effectiveness

    Managing Institutional Effectiveness Video

  • Strategic Planning for Higher Education
  • Budgeting and Resource Management
  • Student Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Academic Program Review
  • Faculty Credentialing Verification
  • Accreditation Compliance

Meeting the Needs of Higher Education Institutions to Manage Continuous Improvement

Higher education institutions have special needs when it comes to managing the continuous improvement cycle of strategic planning and assessment. The SPOL software solution is custom tailored to meet the specific needs of continuous improvement in higher education institutions, however software alone is only one part of the total solution. In order to be truly successful in implementing an effective continuous improvement process, institutions must have leadership support, stakeholder engagement, and a plan to integrate the institutional effectiveness software solution into their existing business processes. This is where the SPOL team makes a tremendous difference. We engage customers in the early stages of contact to evaluate needs and develop a custom execution plan that identifies stakeholders, identifies their role in the institutional effectiveness process, and involves them in the collaborative conversation about continuous improvement. We understand the special needs of higher education institutions and the challenges of building a durable continuous improvement process that will live beyond the accreditation report. We are a company built by educators for educators. We are intimately familiar with the road that lies ahead, as we have traveled it so many times. With Strategic Planning Online you will be selecting a solution provider that understands the depth of these aspirations and is prepared to meet them with a proven process, a solid software framework, and a track record of success unlike any other.